About Us


Since 1928

S N Pandit groups was started by legendary Mysore Asthana  Vaidya ( physician in the royal courts of mysore)  S N Pandit (Subba Narasimha Pandit). He was an adept clinician , a raja vaidya, on the account of his clinical prowess he earned the distinguished title “PANDIT”.  He started his firm “S N PANDIT & SONS” in 1928, primarily to cater his clinical needs. In 1973 the company expanded its commercial activity to cater for the market needs.

In 2001, S N Pandit groups further expanded its manufacturing capacity by inception of S N Pandit Ayurvedic Co Pvt Ltd, a GMP Certified Unit, which is currently headed young, dynamic and able leadership of Dr Karthik Pandit, BAMS, MS ( Psy), who is the fourth generation in the family lineage.

S N pandit Ayurvedic Co Pvt Ltd, is positioned as leaders among Manufacturers of Classical Ayurvedic formulations, reputed for quality and efficacy of formulations. Core strength and competency  of the company lies in integrating  traditional  and classical ayurvedic  manufacturing principles with the current pharmaceutical technology .  We are the only company  who do not use preservatives, artificial colours, and any other chemicals in the productions,  but still  maintaining stability and efficacy of the products. Company has undertaken some of the research projects including clinical research and pharmacological research and company is planning to introduce them, soon in the market.

Company works with the mission to provide authentic, safe and efficacious  ayurveda medicines at affordable cost.

Currently S N Pandit Ayurvedic Co Pvt Ltd products are available through out the Karnataka market, distributed through the “distribution channels network” and dedicated “marketing teams”. The company has started its marketing and promotions in South India and plans expand further in coming days. Company has its own online portal to sell products across the country and also sell through E commerce portals like amazon.