Author - Karthik Pandit


रागादिरोगान् सततानुषक्तानशेषकायप्रसृतानशेषान्।  औत्सुक्यमोहारतिदाञ्जघान योऽपूर्ववैद्याय नमोस्तु तस्मै We salute the physicains who are the torch bearers of Ayurveda and have kept the tradition and science of ayurveda  alive and intact for all these thousands of years by instilling faith, courrage and hope in mind of millons suffering soul across the globe.   As charaka rightly pointed प्रधानं कारणं भिषक्  च् सु १२ ९/ १२ Vaidya plays a pivotal role in connecting the patient with right medicine. We at S N Pandit, have been striving hard [...]


Post natal

“Post natal” a crucial 30-60 golden days in women and her  new born baby after she has delivered. The period is very crucial for the following reasons To protect and develop the health of the new mother Help baby get adjusted to the new environmen Pregnancy is a period which brings in major changes in  physiological, hormonal, structural (anatomical) and psychological changes in women’s body and the main aim of post natal care is to gradually bring back the harmony in women’s [...]