Aswagandha Choorna

Aswagandha Choorna

Aswagandha Choorna , a wonder drug, popularly knowns as Indian gensing, is known to bring in balance between nervous system, endocrine system and immune modulatory systems. It strengthen the body to fight against the stress. It is found beneficial in management of diabetes, help body to strengthen the tissues.

It is a potensified to increase its therapeutic action. It is extremely beneficial in treatment for complications of Prameha (diabetes) viz. neuropathy. 

Dose: 3-5 gms with milk / ghee or as per physicians advice


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It is a potent vrushya (aphrodasiac) and rasayana (rejuvinating agents). It is one of the medicines used to ward of old age. Longer usage helps in building up the immunity. It is a must drug for one and all.


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