Bala Aswagandha Lakshadi Taila

Bala Aswagandha Lakshadi Taila

Bala Aswagandha lakshadi taila  is one of the very special oil used in the treatment of “Bone “ and muscle related diseases. 

S N Pandit’s  Bala Aswagandha Lakshadi taila is a wonder drug, made from decoction of Bala roots ( sida roots), Aswagandha and laksha processed with “whey water” and other herbs like lotus stamen, red sandal, turmeric, manjishta and other potent drugs, processed in pure 100% gingely oil. 

S N Pandit’s  Bala Aswagandha lakshadi oil is beneficial in muscle weakness, and improves its strength. It is beneficial in osteoporosis.

S N Pandit’s Bala aswagandha lakshadi oil, is best suited for new borns and  infants. It improves muscle tone and bulk, improves complexion and  It is recommended for daily application  with gentle massage followed by warm water bath.


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Whey water and other precious herbs like vettiver, red sandal, laksha , manjishta used,  helps skin glow radiantly, makes it firm smooth and look younger.

Regular application of bala aswagandha lakshadi oil heals and prevents scarring. Beneficial in pregnant and prevents stretch marks

  • Made from 100 % gingely oil
  • No mineral oil
  • No artificaial colour or additives
  • 100% ayurveda

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