Bhavana Jeeraka Rasayana

Bhavana Jeeraka Rasayana

Bhavana Jeeraka Rasayana is a sweet- tangy avaleha, made of juices of lime and limon along with herbs like jeera, coriander, sariva, usheera ( khas) used to treat hyper acidity, sour belching. Judicial usage of bhavana jeeraka rasayana helps improves taste, appetite and reduces bitterness in  mouth.

It is found beneficial to take it with hot water before food.

Can be used along with “Drakshadi paka” and suvirechan or triphala choorna or avipattikara choorna for laxiative at bed time


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Note: Not to be taken with milk.

Packing :  200 gm, 400 gm, 1 kg

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