Hingastaka Choorna

Hingastaka Choorna

Hingastaka Choorna has been made more potent and palatable by the addition of dhanyaka and kaidarya. The choorna has been found extremely beneficial in all cases of the indigestion. Also it has been used extensively in the management of dysmenorrhoea ( Painful menstruation) where it not only reduces the pain but also the continuous use of it regulates the Cycles.


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It is very beneficial in post natal care. Age old home remedy in anaha (flatulence), adhmana (abdominal distention) and shula (Pain abdomen).

Special Indications : The choorna to be mixed with the first morsel of hot rice along with little ghee and consumed then followed by the regular food. This method of consumption of maha hingastak choorna is found beneficial in many digestives disorders and in irregular and painful menstruation period.

Dose: 2-4 gms or as directed by the physician.

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