Kooshmanda Rasayana

Kooshmanda Rasayana

Kooshmanda Rasayana is prepared of juice and pulp of kooshmanda (pumpkin) This formulation, unlike others available in the market of the name is much superior. It is potensified by addition of vasa swarasa ( Juice of Adathoda vasaka)  and thus helps in all cases of bleeding disorders. Excellent in the management of menorrhagia and metrorrhagia. It is beneficial in dysmenorrhoea (Painful menstruation) and  a very good uterine tonic as well. 

It is also good in respiratory disorders like  chronic cough, allergic bronchitis  . It kindles the agni (digestive fire) and useful in hyperacidity. It helps in gaining weight and a good memory booster.


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Dose: 5-10 gms with milk twice daily.

Packing : 100 gm 200 gm, 400 gm, 1 kg

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