Maha Drakshadi Rasayana

Maha Drakshadi Rasayana

All the drugs in this avaleha reduces “ teekshnata of pitta”. Indicated in all cases of pitta vridhi( increased / aggravated pitta) like hyperacidity (amlapitta), acid belching (tiktaamla udgara), sleeplessness (anidrata) and constipation (vibanda). It is very helpful in recurrent apthous ulcers / mouth ulcers (aasyapaka) ulcers in alimentary canal and in ano rectal diseases like bleeding piles.

This  is a very useful formulation in treating menstrual related diseases.  It strengthens the liver and is beneficial in anaemia and to remove the debility arising out of jaundice. The formulation is also beneficial in dry cough and in Old age.



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Dose: 5-10 gms with milk twice daily.

Packing : 100 gm 200 gm, 400 gm, 1 kg

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