Sukumara Ghrita

Sukumara Ghrita

Sukumara Ghrita, S N Pandit Sukumara ghrita is extremely beneficial in treatment of gastritis and gasrtric ulcers. It is beneficial in constipation. It is highly recommended in painful menstruation. It is the most indispensible therapeutic dosage forms in any   ayurvedic treatments.  Ghritas  -or Medicated Ghee’s are cow’s Ghee based medicines, prepared using various admixtures including   milk, decoction of various herbs. 


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Sukumara Ghrita – medicinal ghee are primarily used in all of the Panchakarma procedures  and  extensively used in many of the chronic disorders, infertility, skin disorders, neurological disorders and bone and joint disorders.

Please consult your physician before using Ghrita.

  • All ghritas are made strictly according to the strict Ayurvedic Classical parameters
  • Does not contain any chemical additives
  • Paraben free

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