Maha Bringamalaka Taila

Maha Bringamalaka Taila

Maha bringamalaka Taila, S N pandit’s Maha bringamalaka taila is made of Amla, fresh Bhringraj and Guduchi processed in gingely oil . S N Pandit maha bringamalaka taila  promotes hair growth. Reduces burning sensation in eyes and promotes good sleep

Made from 100% gingely oil

No mineral oil / additional colour added

Mildly perfumed


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Maha Bringamalaka Taila Maha bringamalaka taila is prepared from the fresh juice of “Bhringa Raj” and well known herb, known to improve hair growth and maintain its health. “Amalaki” Indian gooseberries and “Amrutha” – Tinospora cordifolia maintains good heath of the scalp and nourishes it.

Maha bringamalaka Taila is not only beneficial for good hair growth but also reduces the aggravated pitta. Regular usage helps in reducing tensions, brings down burning of eyes and promotes good sleep.

For external use only

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  1. 4 out of 5

    I had used this oil since now I want to get it another oil same one

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